The Edge by Nevron

New beginnings

Dear reader,

A while ago, we told you that we were going to be making a few changes at The Edge. We also promised to inform you about those changes once they were final.

Well, that time has come - we’re happy to announce that The Edge will be partnering with Nevron as its official newsletter!

Nevron is a Dutch software development company specialising in tailored software solutions for various industries. The Edge will now function as Nevron’s official newsletter and share industry-specific news as well as exclusive content like interviews and expert insights. You can look forward to learning about the latest developments in machine learning, artificial intelligence, software and the industry at large. We’ll also be sharing the latest from within Nevron itself, covering new services and updates as they appear.

Ultimately, The Edge by Nevron will be focusing more on IT and software as opposed to technology and science in general - but don’t be surprised if the occasional story about space makes its way into an edition.

Nothing much will change for you. If you’re subscribed to The Edge, you’ll continue to receive the new version of The Edge in your inbox. Of course, if the new Edge isn’t interesting to you, we won’t take it personally if you unsubscribe. Alternatively, let us know and we’ll unsubscribe you.

Apart from that, we can’t wait to get started and we hope you enjoy the new look of The Edge!