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iPhone SE's camera may not be so new

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We’ve got some great stories for you today, including Hubble hitting 30, iPhone SE internals and Mavic’s new drone. As always, we’ve added extra stories under each article should you find yourself in a curious state of mind.

Inside the iPhone SE

Image credit: iFixit

Teardown suggests the iPhone SE is using the iPhone 8’s camera

The new iPhone SE looks a lot like the iPhone 8, that much is certain. However, a teardown has revealed that the phones, separated by 3 years, have more in common than first meets the eye.

Some iPhone 8 parts work inside the iPhone SE, including the sim tray and Taptic Engine. Now, an iFixit teardown has revealed that the camera is interchangeable as well, perhaps even identical. There was hope that the iPhone SE was using the iPhone XR’s camera, but the fact that the sensors in the iPhone SE and iPhone 8 are practically identical means the XR’s sensor won’t be found in the SE. Some might argue that a camera comparison test between the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE would demonstrate the fact that the SE has a better camera setup and therefore cannot have the same sensor as the 8. This, however, is more than likely due to the A13 chip inside the SE that gives it stronger image processing.

This is not a critique of the iPhone SE, though - far from it. Reusing designs and parts means the phone is easier to repair, which will probably resonate well with those that buy the SE as it’s a budget friendly device.

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Happy 30th, Hubble

Image credit: NASA/ESA/STScl

NASA celebrates Hubble 30th anniversary with eye-popping ‘Cosmic Reef’

One of humanity’s greatest scientific achievements turned 30 on Friday - The Hubble Space Telescope.

The Hubble Space Telescope, launched on April 24th 1990, is a testament to the importance of science and the dedication of scientists. And how do you celebrate the birthday of such an important part of human history? By marking the occasion with the image you see above.

The picture you see - dubbed the ‘Cosmic Reef’ - shows two nebulae, NGC 2014 (red) and NGC 2020 (blue). The nebulae live in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of our own Milky Way. The galaxies are really far away (163,000 light-years, or 1,542,099,067,030,547,000 kilometers, to be specific). That didn’t stop Hubble from capturing the awesome picture you see, though. According to the ESA, the image is named the ‘Cosmic Reef’ because it “resembles an undersea world”. A fitting tribute to The Hubble Space Telescope.

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WhatsApp made a good call

Image credit: Angela Lang/CNET

WhatsApp’s limits on message forwarding reportedly reduce virality by 70%

A while ago, we covered how WhatsApp was putting limitations on message forwarding to limit the spread of coronavirus misinformation. According to new data, the measure has caused a 70% drop in message forwarding - globally.

While the measure might be frustrating to some, we can only condone it. Halting the spread of misinformation about a disease that has devastated the planet is crucial to getting the upper hand making sure people are safe.

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The drone you’re looking for

Image credit: DJI

DJI’s new Mavic 2 has an upgraded camera and much longer flying time

The first Mavic Air was released two years ago. Now, DJI have announced its successor, the aptly named Mavic 2.

Having tried the Mavic Air ourselves, we can vouch for how good the drone is. However, the new Mavic sees a host of improvements over its predecessor, including a bigger image sensor, DJI’s own OccuSync technology instead of Wi-Fi, a completely redesigned controller and an improved flight time of 34 minutes. The drone is also smarter than the original Mavic Air as it comes with preprogrammed scene detection modes for pictures that feature snow, trees, grass, blue skies, sunsets and sunrises.

The Mavic 2 will start shipping in the US on May 11th, starting at $799.

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